How Do I Become a Consignor at Bryan's?

Bryan’s Auction Services has grown dramatically in the past 3 years. Our success is based on presenting quality goods to our ever widening audience. What we have learned is that our customers are increasingly depending on Bryan’s to be their eyes when they purchase through our online platform. This is a serious responsibility that our staff take very seriously.

As a prospective consignor, it is important for you to fall into one or more of the following categories to ensure a good experience at Bryan’s:

  1. A consignor with a new or different product from any that Bryan’s currently offers.
  2. A consignor with products that can be offered to our customers over the course of many auctions
  3. A consignor with a recurring large quantity of surplus items that you need to dispose of quarterly (e.g. rental equipment company)
  4. A consignor with new or as new items, that are surplus, obsolete or aged stock and which goods need to be liquidated
  5. A one-time consignor with good quality used equipment that needs to be remarketed

Have a large number of items to sell at once?  Click here for details on Bryan's Offsite Timed Online Auctions

What Won't Bryan's Take for Consignment

  • Household furniture – household estates
  • Non-operating hand tools
  • Small lots (under 100 square feet) of tile and hardwood flooring
  • Consumer foods
  • Unidentifiable liquids
  • Office Equipment and furniture
  • Non running landscape equipment such as: string trimmers, chainsaws, mowers, etc.)
  • Weapons/Firearms/munitions
  • Used building materials and home renovation supplies (windows, doors, lumber, etc.)
  • Used cylinder tanks
  • Any form of hazardous waste product
  • Chemicals without appropriate MSDS sheets attached
  • Non-running vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicles with Brands of irreparable or Salvage ownerships

What Do You Need from Me to be a Consignor?

If you would like to consign in one of Bryan’s auctions please fill out the form below or give us a call at 519-837-0710 and ask for the Operations Manager.

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