Puslinch Two Day Sale

To best serve our customers and consignors and improve the overall online auction experience, we are moving to a two-day auction model at our Puslinch location. This new model will allow for added exposure and bidding time on all agricultural, construction, heavy equipment, transportation, and vehicle lots currently sold in ring two.

The online auction schedule and timeline will remain the same. The Puslinch online auction will continue to run at the end of each month, opening on Saturdays. The closing date for all home renovation and building supplies, as well as general consumer goods, will remain on Tuesday. The closing date for all agricultural, construction, heavy equipment, transportation, and vehicle lots will move to Wednesday.

Customers interested in purchasing items from each auction must register for each auction. Invoices for purchases from each auction will be sent out separately - lots won on Tuesday will be invoiced separately from lots won on Wednesday.

Communication will be sent out via email to all subscribed customers and consignors, notifying them of this change. Please refer to the FAQs for more information. 

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer relations team at customerexperience@bryansfarm.com if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are changing to serve better the customers and consignors who sell and purchase in the rolling stock ring. Hibid only permits 12 hour auctions, making the lots too close together. Customers are missing out on placing a bid when trying to bid on multiple items in this ring.

For the Puslinch location, yes. This change has NOT been implemented at the Trenton location. Communication will be sent out in advance if chances are made in the future.

The Wednesday auction is entirely separate. The items in the Tuesday auction will not be in the Wednesday auction and vice versa.

Since these are separate auctions, you will be required to register separately for each auction.

No. Since the auctions are separate, you will receive two individual invoices.  One after the close of the auction on Tuesday and the second after the close of the auction Wednesday.

Yes, load-out will still commence on Wednesday for items purchased in the Tuesday auction.  Load-out will begin on Thursday for all lots won on Wednesday.

We plan to hold spots in the pick-up schedule on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Once the invoices are sent out on Wednesday, we will open the held appointments to allow all customers a fair chance on the most desired pick-up days.

No, for the time being, this change will only affect the Puslinch auctions.

No, there are still the same amount of lots between the two actions. There will not be a need to extend the schedule.

No, you can pick up for both auctions simultaneously.  There is a place to input your bidder number for both auctions when scheduling your appointment.  If you are picking up purchases from both auctions, enter both bidder numbers into the required field, and we will take care of the rest.


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