Information for US Buyers

Here at Bryan’s we welcome customers from the United States and around the world. We understand that at times purchasing and importing items can cause some difficulties. This page is intended to offer helpful information, and provide links to make this process easier for our Customers. Bryan’s can also offer assistance with the required Border Paperwork.

Also available: Cross Border delivery with Bryan’s Transportation.  Please call at 519-837-0710 or see for more information.

Certain items may have restrictions around admissibility into the United States or special tariff/duty treatment, so we’ve compiled some helpful links below to help you determine the admissibility and tax treatment of your items

US Customs Basic Import/Export Guidelines – Click Here

US Customs Vehicle Import Guidelines – Click Here

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (US) – This site will allow you to search any item you are interested in purchasing through our Auction and importing to the United States, providing you with the relevant HS codes, Duty/Tariff percentages, as well as other information that may be useful.

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